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TaxPack.com.au is owned by E-Lodge Taxation Services Australia PTY LTD (E-Lodge, ABN 73 125 439 107) and was developed to provide people an easy and friendly method to lodge their individual tax returns online. E-Lodge is the online business of an established accounting practice based in the Melbourne vicinity. The senior partner, John Gibson, has been in practice for 25 years, providing tax advice and return preparation for tens of thousands of people.

The online tax software that we provide came from 2 years of intense market research, web development, and testing. The result is the simplest and fastest method to lodge a tax return online. Our online competitors typically expect taxpayers to read and perform their own research before completing their tax return. Their tax questionnaires usually follow the exact structure of the complicated tax system and results in a difficult and taxing interview.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has a number of criteria for determining deductions, offsets, dependent eligibility, etc. We only ask the relevant questions to determine your qualifications. We offer the simplest, most cost effective, and complete accounting service.

What can you expect from our service?

We have support options for all of your tax needs, and we pride ourselves in providing total customer satisfaction. We are the only online tax service provider that offers FREE phone support while you are completing your tax return preparation online. Any other queries may also be answered via email with a quick response time of one business day.

When finished, an E-Lodge accountant reviews your return information for any errors, potential audits, and deductions/offsets that you may be entitled to receive. We also provide phone support should you need any final advice or revisions prior to lodgement to the ATO.

After lodgement, you should expect your refund to arrive in 8-10 working days (provided that there is no prior tax debt or other delay by the ATO).
We provide you with FREE Phone Assistance so that you can get real time assistance as you are online, filling out your taxes.

We additionally have e-mail support for any other questions you may have.

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