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Gifts or Donations

You may be able to claim a deduction for gifts or donations you make, provided they meet these four conditions:

  • Made to ‘deductible gift recipient’ - Only certain entities, usually charitable organizations, can receive tax deductible gifts. Make sure you are donating to a designated ‘deductible gift recipient’ or DGR.
  • Truly a gift - Your donation must truly be a gift, defined as a voluntary transfer of money or property. You cannot receive any material benefit or advantage in return.
  • One of the gift types - Your monetary gift must be at least $2 in order to claim a deduction. Property donations must adhere to the various requirements listed on the ATO website.
  • Meet gift conditions - Many DGRs have specific rules that apply to them, for example certain dates between which donations must be made and specific uses to which they must be put.

You can just claim the outright amount of a monetary donation, but different rules apply to property depending on its type and value.