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What is the housekeeper tax offset?

You can claim the housekeeper tax offset if you have a housekeeper working full time to keep house and care for your eligible children or invalid relatives. In order to claim this offset the combined adjusted taxable income (ATI) of you and your spouse must be less than $150,000.

The child-housekeeper tax offset is available to taxpayers with a child who keeps house for them full time and has some responsibility for running the household. A full-time student or employee cannot be considered a child-housekeeper.

You can only claim this offset if

  • the combined ATI of you and your spouse was less than $150,000
  • your child-housekeeper’s ATI was less than $7,594, or $9,042 if you have another dependent child
  • you maintained your child-housekeeper
  • your child-housekeeper was an Australian resident
  • you were an Australian resident at any time during the financial year
  • you were not eligible for a dependent spouse tax offset
  • you were not eligible for family tax benefit Part B or were only eligible at a shared-care rate.